BMW M showdown – Happy Birthday BMW!

Unless you’ve lost your phone or have been living in a bunker cut off from the internet these past few weeks, there’s no way you could have missed the significance of March 2016. This March, BMW blew out 100 candles on its birthday cake! 100 years of making cars that invariably out-drive their peers, and let’s not forget motorcycles that go across more continents and clock faster lap times than their rivals. Even the harshest cynic will admit to an incredible journey, a journey that can only be celebrated by destroying many, many tyres.
Welcome then to evo India’s 100 year birthday party for BMW. Our venue? India’s best kept secret. This is the Taneja Aerospace and Aviation facility in Hosur, ten minutes from the main gates of the TVS Motor Company plant. Our not-so-secret-anymore venue boasts of a 2.2km long runway that can accommodate Boeing 737s, and half a dozen M cars straining on their launch control sequences. That’s six M cars, all together for the first time in India – maybe even the world! You didn’t think we’d celebrate a brand that’s all about The Thrill Of Driving with a couple of diesel 3 Series’ did you? Nearly a year in the making, what we have lined up is every single M car sold in the country today. The M3 and M4 twins. The M5 and M6 twins. The X5M and X6M twins. And to keep them honest, the previous-generation V8 M3 and V10 M5. Oh, let’s not forget the S 1000 RR superbike. We have two days and a runway that only has to be cleared twice a day for scheduled landings and take-offs. It’s a BMW party unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and are highly unlikely to see again.

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