Gear: AGV Sport Airtex Pants

Up until a couple of months ago, I had two items of protective clothing missing from my riding arsenal. While I am still holding out for deals on riding boots, I did manage to fill in the other missing slot of a riding trouser by picking up the AGV Sport Airtex pants, from Performance Racing Store. This hybrid textile-mesh trouser has been one sensible purchase. The outer shell makes use of Polyester MaxTex 600 denier fabrics. While they provide the base for the pants, mesh regions around the crotch, calves, thighs and behind the legs are extremely helpful in breathability while riding in our harsh conditions. The quality of the mesh used is of the highest grade with anti-bacterial growth characteristics.

AGV Sport Airtex Pants
AGV Sport Airtex Pants

While you do get CE rated armour for the knees, the ones around the hips aren’t. But they do the job quite well. There is a provision for attaching your jacket to the pant via a chain zipper. There is a bit of stretchable material around the hips with Velcro straps on either ends to keep the pants firmly in place. There is ample of room around the ankles as well and you can adjust the opening via a zipper with a Velcro strap to double up on the safety front. I must commend the stitching quality found on the Airtex. High tensile strength fabrics are used for maximum tear resistance while reflective piping around the knees aid in night-time visibility. You get two hand warmers and two cargo pockets to store your wallet, keys and other such small stuff. I would however advise against carrying anything in such pockets and taking a small bag along for the ride to carry your belongings. This will not only keep your mind at peace but also won’t hurt your limbs in case of a crash. The Airtex can also hold itself up in rain as it comes with a removable waterproof and breathable Reissa liner. There is however no wind protective liner and that may be a small concern during the chilly season.

All said and done, the AGV Sport Airtex pants are a bargain at Rs 7,000. They are certainly one of the best entry-level textile riding pants you can buy with no major qualms along the way.

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