Gear: Ixon Pulsar Air (Red) racing suit

By Jehan Adil Darukhanawala

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Due to my bulging proportions and non-availability of size at the TVS paddock, I had to pick up my very own one-piece leather racing suit last year. Since I would be rarely making use of it, and it was my first suit, I purchased the AGV Sport Bullet suit. A year down, my bulges have reduced a fair bit and we were lucky that Performance Racing sent over a new leather one-piece in my size. This one however was the Pulsar Air by Ixon, the same guys who make suits for MotoGP riders like Bradley Smith and Colin Edwards. The suit came in at the opportune moment as we were about to test out the new Ducati SuperSport S and I thought what better way to break in the new leather than on a Ducati!

Given that I have shed a few kilos I was delighted to fit into a size 52 suit, my personal suit size being a 54. The pre-curved portions around the torso, legs, shoulders and sleeves feature flexible leather. A good leather suit should not restrict your movement too much and be soft and supple in quality. The cowhide used is exactly that as you are able to easily move your limbs around without much obstruction, with the obvious perforation around the torso region.

The fit is neat and compact and you do not have any extra leather creases around the inner knee area when bending your knee. The thighs and buttocks get an added layer of leather for increased protection levels. The suit features a proper racing leather collar but with a neoprene roll for extra comfort. The sliders are of decent size and not too slim. You get CE rated armour all around shoulders, elbows and knees and there is a provision for a back protector.

Considering the price point of Rs 65,000, there are quite few suits which match up to the bang-for-buck factor that the Ixon Pulsar offers. The MotoGP derived suit has definitely been a massive step up in terms of quality and fitment for me and with that I aim to put my AGV Sport out for sale in the market. Takers anybody?

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