Gear: Newfeel Sport wheeled suitcase

Rs 5,999

One of the biggest hassles for a biker is how to transport riding gear effectively. The inevitable solution is to spend through your nose and invest in purpose built riding gear kit bags that will set you back for nothing less than 25 to 30 grand. Or you find yourself the largest suitcase you can buy and hope that all your gear will fit in. Well, that’s usually the norm. But guess what? There’s a low cost alternative in the form of this Newfeel Sport Wheeled Suitcase. This piece of soft luggage gets two compartments to keep your dry and wet clothing separate. We have used it on a couple of occasions and discovered that this 90L unit, which is further expandable, can take in a full size helmet, a race suit or a riding jacket and pants combo, a bionic back protector and a pair of track spec riding boots. There are several hidden compartments too for the odd knick knack but the party piece is the bag’s versatility. It has wheels and a retractable handle that will allow you to wheel it around. A zippered flap reveals a pair of straps that will let you carry it around as a backpack and of course there are the usual handles. The only downside is that since this is not purpose built for carrying motorcycle riding kit, there’s no separate padded compartment for a helmet. We worked our way around it by putting our helmet inside a properly padded helmet bag before packing it in. However 90 litres may not always be enough for all sorts of riding kit. If you need a bigger one then you can buy an identical piece with 120 litres of luggage space on offer as well, for a slight premium. That one will not only take in the entire kit but also enough  clothes for a week long ride. You can either visit a Decathlon store or order online at

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