F1 2016: Ferrari’s SF-16 is here

Its closing in on a decade since the Rosso brigade brought home a F1 title, however this year however the Scuderia bosses seem rather confident that their new car will be a match for the Mercedes in the season to come. Aside from the fact that Simone Resta who was responsible for the new SFs design has called it the one of the most beautiful Ferrari’s ever, we will only be able to judge it when the slick hit the tarmac at Catalunya. Technically speaking there are five major changes to the SF, up in front the suspension will follow the push-rod schematic, the side pods have been changes, there have also been some aero changes to the rear end. Possibly most significant changes have been made to the engine, however what exactly those are still remain unclear. With Sebastian Vettel in the pilot seat, winning three of last year’s races. Mercedes Technical Chief has identified Ferrari as one of their biggest threats for the upcoming season.  According to Ferrari the new livery has a lot of white reminisce of two Ferraris one from the 90s and the other one from the 70s with which Niki Lauda won the title.

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