50 years of Velar: the Range Rover story

Team Evo India

Land Rover has opened a new visitor attraction at its Solihull manufacturing plant celebrating 50 years of the Range Rover. The Range Rover has been manufactured at the West Midlands factory since 1970, but its history with the Solihull site goes back to 1967 when the first secret prototype was conceived, codenamed Velar.

This new interactive exhibit will take visitors from the Velar’s inception in the mid-1960s, through to the introduction of the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque and will conclude with the unveiling of the new Rang Rover Velar.

Roger Crathorne – the man who has dedicated 50 years of service to Land Rover said, “The exhibit tells the incredible story of the Range Rover, from the original Velar prototype through to today’s new model. At the time I began my career in 1967 as a technical assistant on the Velar Team, the intention was never to build a luxury vehicle. Over the 50 years since, the Range Rover has come a long way.”

The opening of the Range Rover exhibition coincides with the opening of Velar manufacturing tours at Solihull. Velar is the third new model in a year to be launched at the plant, following the Jaguar F-PACE and new Discovery.

Evo India