ACMA Centre for Technology summit 2017 underway in Pune

Team Evo India

The third edition of ACMA Centre of Technology (ACT) summit conducted by Automotive Component Manufactures Association of India (ACMA) commenced on December 8, 2017. The primary focus of the summit is digitization of the automotive component manufacturers in India and creation of smart factories using digitisation as a platform. The preventive and predictive maintenance of problem solving skills were also discussed in the meet. The chief guest of the event was Anant Geete,  Union Minister for Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises.

Driven by the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the summit had various personalities from multinational companies including Panasonic, Microsoft and Tata Motors and other automotive industry delegates present their future plans and viewpoints. The topics addressed by the panelists includes availability of digital gauging and making use of the data in a way to identify problems, productivity improvement on shop floor and supply chain management. To make the initiatives successful, primary focus was given to data driven decision making in the debate for changing the company’s working culture for better prospects. Apart from the above mentioned topics, attention was also given to increase productivity in white collar jobs with the help of digitization and accountability.

Attendees were given a glimpse of VR tech at the event
Attendees were given a glimpse of VR tech at the event

An outlook on workforce skill development using digital tools like using Virtual Reality as a platform to train people to do the jobs, certify them and then give them the responsibility that they can aid to them on the field was presented by Panasonic. VR Tech was one of the major attractions and the event hosted stalls to give attendees a taste of how VR simulation can be a potential turnaround for the industry.  Nipun Goitra, CEO of 1factory Inc, USA, gave a presentation about focusing on online quality systems by eliminating paperwork in quality departments of manufacturing sector , which would help in identifying root cause of defects in the products and making updates from the shop-floor. This enables the information available from the operator to manager in a transparent way and aidsthem in decision making.This would help the company to develop a better data driven quality monitoring system and build customer confidence to bring more business.

R R Dasgupta from Microsoft gave a presentation on their Mixed Reality platform, giving an idea about the company’s ‘Holo-lens’. The technology is already used by Volvo to effectively enhance its customer experience and in designing process. The user can get access to all the information about the car through a 3D hologram experience in the lens.

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