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Baume and Mercier join hands with Indian Motorcycle to produce watches

By Team Evo India

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Words by Afzal Rawuther

The luxury Swiss watchmakers, Baume and Mercier, has joined hands with Indian Motorcycle to build a range of watches that pay homage to the union that the two now share. In this collaboration, the two brands will capture the spirit of Indian Motorcycle’s history and translate it into a series of limited edition watches.

The historic Bonneville Salt Flats served as the venue to unveil this unique brand alliance, as Indian Motorcycle and Baume & Mercier honoured the historic achievements of the famed land-speed record holder, Burt Munro. It has been 50 years since Munro took his Indian Scout Streamliner to push the limits of speed at the Salt Flats, entering history to become ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Munro’s iconic land speed record, Lee Munro, Burt Munro’s great nephew, recreated the historic run at Bonneville on August 13.

Upon announcing the association, Vice President, Indian Motorcycle EMEA, Grant Bester commented, “The core values that both Baume & Mercier and Indian Motorcycle share are intrinsically aligned, thanks to the dedication that delivers iconic products combining craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies. We are delighted to reach this agreement with one of the world’s greatest watchmakers and believe this cooperation will bring great opportunities to both brands with wider exposure in new areas.”

“We are very proud and honored to partner with Indian Motorcycle,” said Alain Zimmermann CEO of Baume & Mercier. “Our agreement is cherished by our common pursuit of perfection, quality and craftsmanship, translated all in iconic design and contemporary aesthetic. Our brands have both strong-shared values and exude exceptional spirit.”