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BMW achieves 50 per cent localisation, slash prices

By Team Evo India

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By sourcing parts from local suppliers, BMW have cut costs and dropped prices by Rs. 1 to 5 lakh

7th May, 2015
BMW have shown their commitment to India by increasing localisation at their Chennai plant to 50 percent. In doing so, they have managed to slash the prices of cars like the 3 Series, 3 Series GT, 5 Series, X3 and X5.

BMW now gets its engines and transmission from Force Motors, axles from ZF Hero Chassis, door handles from Draexlmaier India and exhaust systems from Tenneco Automotive India.

BMW have been having a tough couple of years and now the drop in prices is bound to bump up sales. BMW had originally overtaken Mercedes-Benz as the segment leader in 2010, thereafter slipppng to number three, trailing Audi and M-B.

The 3-Series can now be yours for a lakh of rupees less. The price of the base 3-Series GT hasn’t changed, but the Luxury variant is down by Rs.2 lakh. The prices of the 5 Series have been dropped by Rs.2 lakh. The X3 and the X5 now start at Rs.46.90 lakh and Rs.65.90 lakh respectively.

Other CKD models, including the 1 Series, X1 and 7 Series remain the same. CBUs like the 6 Series, Z4, i8 and cars from the M family also do not feature a change in price. Hence BMW achieves 50 per cent localisation, slash prices.

BMW 3 Series

Variant                         Old price                  New price

320d Prestige                 Rs. 35.90 lakh              Rs. 34.90 lakh

320d Luxury Line          Rs. 39.90 lakh              Rs. 38.90 lakh

320d Sport Lin               Rs. 39.90 lakh              Rs. 38.90 lakh

BMW 3 Series GT

Variant                     Old price                    New price

GT Sport Line             Rs. 39.90 lakh              Rs. 39.90 lakh

GT Luxury Line          Rs. 44.50 lakh              Rs. 42.90 lakh

BMW 5 Series

Variant                     Old price                     New price

520d Prestige               Rs. 46.90 lakh              Rs. 44.90 lakh

520d Prestige Plus      Rs. 49.90 lakh              Rs. 47.90 lakh

520d Luxury Line        Rs. 51.90 lakh              Rs. 49.90 lakh

530d M-Sport               Rs. 62.50 lakh             Rs. 59.90 lakh


Variant                            Old price                   New price

X3 20d Expedition           Rs. 47.90 lakh              Rs. 46.90 lakh

X3 20d xLine                     Rs. 52.90 lakh              Rs. 51.90 lakh

X3 30d M-s                         NA                                  Rs. 59.90 lakh


Variant                                        Old price                    New price

X5 Expedition                                 Rs. 68.90 lakh              Rs. 65.90 lakh

X5 Design Pure (5-seat)                Rs. 74.50 lakh              Rs. 69.90 lakh

X5 Design Pure (7-seat)                Rs. 75.90 lakh              Rs. 72.90 lakh