Bosch India prepared to meet increase in demand for ABS

Team Evo India

Bosch India is prepared to meet the increase in demand for ABS and its components in the near future, they announced. The Indian government has ruled that all two-wheelers of capacity 125cc or higher must have ABS as standard, and this will be in-place by 2018. It isn’y just two-wheelers though – since April 2015, all trucks with a gross weight over 12 tonnes and all busses that have a gross weight of over 5 tonnes and carrying nine passengers must have ABS fitted as standard. ABS manufacturers like Bosch will have to be able to keep up with the increase in the number of vehicles using this technology courtesy new regulation.

Over the last nine years, Bosch has invested 400 crore rupees in India, and has seen the use of ABS steadily grow. This is for a number of reasons – primarily new legislation clubbed with customer awareness. As of now, India sees an ABS fitment rate of around 50 per cent, and this is only going to rise in the future. Bosch’s plant in Pune has been operational since 1997, and and they currently employ around 1000 people at their two manufacturing fasilities adnd one development centre in Pune.

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