Ferrari 488GTB Launched in India at Rs 3.88 crore

Attention all prancing horses fans, Ferrari has launched the 488GTB in India at Rs 3.88 crore (ex-showroom India). The car has to live up to the immense pressure of taking over the reins from the highly successful 458 Italia.

Starting out life as a 488Berlinetta, 488GTB is clear indication of a turbocharged future at Maranello. Powering the 488GTB is a new 3902cc turbocharged V8 that dishes out 660bhp of power and a colossal 760Nm of torque, good enough to propel the supercar to 100kmph from standstill in just three seconds. It will take you only 8.3 seconds to 200kmph and if the straight is long enough, the 488 will hit its top speed of 330kmph.

The 488GTB has a dry weight of just 1370kg. A first for Ferrari in 40 years after the 308 GTB, the 488 has a rear-mid engined layout with weight distributed 46.5 per cent towards the front and 53.5 per cent to the rear. The 488 GTB is said to be the most aerodynamic Ferrari ever and the design improves downforce by 50 per cent over the 458 Italia.

Ferrari also has a hard removable top 488GTB Spider in the lineup but it’s the coupe that will make it to our shores first. The gorgeous convertible should find its way here in a few months from now.

The 488GTB takes on the Lamborghini Huracan in India. Internationally it also competes with the McLaren 650S.

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