Geneva Motor Show Special: Ferrari reveals the 812 Superfast

Ferrari has revealed what is to be the successor to the F12 Berlinetta, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Called the 812 Superfast (we’ll come to the name in a bit), it  features a 6.5-litre V12 and Ferrari are calling it the fastest, most powerful road-going Ferrari in history. They’ve clearly forgotten they make a car called the LaFerrari. This car is also possibly the last naturally-aspirated V12 that will make it out of Maranello — Ferrari has already taken to forced induction on cars like the California T and 488 GTB, and the successor to this V12 will in all probability will be a hybrid.

The engine, plonked in the front of the car puts out 788bhp as high as 8,500rpm. It also makes 718Nm at 7,000rpm, though over 80 per cent of that torque is available right from 3,500rpm sent to the rear-wheels via a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. The 812 Superfast is well, super fast — 0-100kmph comes up in just 2.9 seconds while the top speed is claimed to be over 340kmph. The car weighs 1525kg dry, and has a 47-53 per cent front-rear weight bias. To improve dynamics, the 812 also features Virtual Short Wheelbase 2.0, which is essentially an updated version of the rear-wheel steering system first seen on the F12tdf. The interiors have been updated from the F12 Berlinetta as well — you get a new steering wheel and instrument cluster. Interestingly, the 812 also gets electric power steering, a first for Ferrari.

Now that name… although it sounds like Ferrari decided upon it after taking the expert opinion of a bunch of four year olds, it is actually steeped in a whole lot of Ferrari history. The name was first seen on a prancing horse back in 1956 — the 410 Superfast was an evolution of the Superamerica name introduced the previous year. The car was designed by Pininfarina and was an attempt by Ferrari to enter the booming American market.

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