Head to Indikarting, Pune to experience the Polo GTI today!

Volkswagen India is known for the customary drives it arranges for the loyal owners as well as its rich motorsport legacy in the country. And the launch of the Polo GTI (which happened a few months ago) commemorated the German carmaker’s enthusiast friendly nature. But how many of you have driven the hot hatch yet? If you have been lucky enough to, then you may need not read further but if you haven’t, go hit that ‘I am feeling lucky’ button on Google right now, as Volkswagen is currently holding an experience drive for customers in Pune. And what better than to experience it on a track!

Alright, you may not be allowed to drive it there but you can get chauffeured around track by Volkswagen’s professional drivers, and this is not something you want to miss. The 189bhp hot hatch is fun enough to give you the experience of a roller coaster, even if you’re just being driven around. The Indikarting track is rather samll, but the Polo GTI is nimble enough and you can also experience precise shifts from the lightning quick 7-speed DSG box (one of the best in the business) as the sweet exhaust note gives out a loud rumble, every time it upshifts.

But how does it feel in the real world? Thankfully, Volkswagen will let you drive the car on the road on a specified route. This is quite a rare chance to do so, as dealerships really don’t have demo cars right now because of its massive sticker price, so this is a great opportunity if you’re planning to get one for yourself. And if you like it, you may also book one, all under one roof. This drive is only on today, on February 4, so if you’re in Pune, don’t waste time! Head down to Indikarting in Kharadi and grab your chance to get behind the wheel of the hottest hatch in the country today.

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