Auto Expo 2016: New BMW 7 Series to be launched

At first glance the 7-Series might look like a mild facelift but there is a lot under the skin that potential buyers and enthusiasts alike simply can not ignore. For one the new 7-Series has shed a lot of weight through use of carbon fiber in key areas in the bodyshell (130kgs lighter) and aluminium doors in place of steel (each door is 12kgs lighter) and reduction in other areas. New is the active air ride suspension that employs air springs in all four wheels that senses road conditions and adjusts softness to give you the ultimate cosseting ride. Rear legroom is now, according to BMW, the best in class. There is also an optional executive package that adds a recliner feature. The cabin comes with all the bells and whistles and is brimming with the latest tech that includes built-in wifi and gesture controls. Infact it is so smart that it will park itself with you outside though this feature may not make it here.

The India-bound 7-Series will come 2 engine options – a 3.0-litre diesel V6 or a 4.4-litre Petrol V8 that comes with X-drive that sends the car flying past 100kmph in a scant 4.3 seconds. That is BMW M5 territory. Users will be able to enjoy all that power not just in a straight line but also on the twisty bits. The 7-Series handles well for its size and with the feelsome electromechanical steering wheel and optional dynamic drive, is the sportiest luxury-limo around.

Ed got his hands on the new 7-Series in the United States where he drove it comprehensively on track and public roads. Read the full review here

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