The new world record for keeping it up is 500km

Team Evo India

Masaru Abe, a Japan-based stunt pro has smashed the longest wheelie record, having kept his Yamaha Jog scooter standing on one wheel for a distance of 500.53km. The attempt was made in a controlled environment at the Kawaguchi Race Facility, Saitama, Japan,

The previous record of 331.01km was held by Yasuyuki Kudo since 1991. Abe beat the record in 8:18:43 hours, although he had set the target of 600km. Abe also had to control the scooter on the slopes and even the fast blowing winds were playing a deterrent. He was maintaining an average speed of 40kmph, throughout.

After breaking the record, Abe said, “I thought if I was going to try and break the record, then I would have to post unattainable numbers that would leave people totally speechless. That was the most pain I’ve ever felt. Both of my arms were numb from the pain and I had lost feeling in them. My vision was blurred. I was only partially conscious. I was completely dehydrated. I’d never experienced that before.”

The pro rider is sponsored by Red Bull and we expect the video to be released on their portals soon.

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