Last round of 2015 National Karting championship concludes

The final round of the 12th JK Tyre-FMSCI Rotax National Karting Championship took place over the weekend at Meco Kartopia in Bangalore. This Saturday and Sunday saw the Micro Max Category (7-12 years), the Junior Max (12-16 years) and the Senior Max categories (17 and above) races happen with two heats, a pre-final and a final race.

In the Micro Max category, Shahan Ali Mohsin of team Meco Racing was leading the championship with a total point tally of 350 points. The pre Final and Final race saw Shahan take second place in both races adding a total of 52 and 33 points to his kitty with a final tally of 435 points.
Ruhan Alva of BPC racing was trailing Shahan by 18 points at 332 total score. Ruhan dropped to fourth in the pre-finals but managed to come third in the finals adding 81 points taking his final score to 413 points.
Nikhil Bohra of Meco Racing was holding third overall position with 323 points, lagging 27 points behind Shahan. Nikhil put up a brilliant performance winning the pre-final and final race adding 89 points and taking his final points tally to 412.
Ultimately, Shahan took away top honours for the Micro Max category with Ruhan coming in second by 22 points. Despite a commendable effort, Nikhil had to contend with third place missing out second place in the championship standings by a mere 2 points.

In the Junior Max category, Akash Gowda of Meco Racing was leading the championship standing with 330 points. The pre-finals saw Gowda lose second place to Nirmal Umashankar and further third in the Final race. This meant Gowda could add just 83 points leading to his final point tally to 413 points.
Mrinal Chatterjee of Rayo Racing was holding second place overall with 321 points. The races saw Mrinal drop down to 9th position in both pre-finals and finals costing him podium place.
Mohamed Nallwalla of Rayo Racing was third overall trailing Mrinal by just two points at 319 points. He manage to place third in pre-finals and surprised all by clinching first in the finals adding 87 points taking his final score to 406 points.
In all, Akash Gowda came first in the Junior Max category followed by Mohmed Nallwalla. Nirmal Umashankar was the star of the evening winning the pre-final race and placing second in the final race earning him a place on the championship podium.

The Senior Max category has Ricky Donisn of BPC racing dominate most of the seasing leadng the points tally with 335 points. Ricky dominated the last round as well, winning both the pre-final and final race and comfortably securing his championship.
Nayan Chatterjee of Rayo Racing was holding overall standing with 330 points. Nayan dropped down to fourth place in the pre-finals but managed to secure third in the final race.
Dhruv Mohite of Mohite’s Racing held third position with 317 points. Dhruv placed second in the pre final race but dropped down to seventh place costing him a podium place in the championship.
Vishnu Prasad was behind Dhruv Mohite by one point but managed to secure podium behind Nayan Chatterjee.

The 2015 Karting championship is as follows

Micro Max category

  1. Shahan ali Mohsin
  2. Ruhan Alva
  3. Nikhil Bohra
Junior Max category
1) Akash Gowda
2) Mohmed Nallwalla
3) Nirmal Umashankar
Senior Max category
1) Ricky Donison
2) Nayan Chatterjee
3) Vishnu Prasad
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