Nissan India launches the NissanConnect app

Words: Shubham Choukse

Nissan India today launched the NissanConnect app. The NissanConnect platform with its 50+ features provides the customers a more secure and convenient ownership experience.

Some important features of the NissanConnect platform include – GPS assisted car locator, service booking, pit stop, geo-fencing and curfew alert (Time-fencing). The NissanConnect enabled vehicles send alerts in the form of voice, SMS, e-mail, call or notification to the owner’s smartphone.

The NissanConnect platform is available across the Nissan range of cars and the app is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS platforms.

This is how it works – at the time of delivery of the vehicle, the customer will have to install the NissanConnect app on his smartphone which then will be paired with the NissanConnect system on the vehicle. Only one smartphone can be paired with any single vehicle, though the app can be programmed to send alerts to three different mobile numbers.

Arun Malhotra, managing director of Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. said, “NissanConnect embodies the best of Nissan’s innovative spirit and is designed to enhance the overall driving experience for everyone. It enables better comfort, convenience, control and safety through technologies that bring people closer together. Inspired by the future, NissanConnect will benefit our customers today”.

The NissanConnect platform is developed at the Renault-Nissan Technology Centre in India. It marks the beginning of a connected mobility future for Nissan in India.

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