Rimac teases a new hypercar

Words by Shubham Choukse

Just two years after showing its first production car, Rimac is all-set to unveil its second model at the Geneva Motor Show next year. A tweet from the company’s official twitter handle suggested the same and with the tweet is attached the teaser image of the new model.

The image reveals little-to-no details besides the silhouette of the car. It appears to be a low slung coupe that follows the shape of a conventional mid-engined, two-seater sportscar. Aero elements such as a rear wing, front and rear splitters and lip spoilers are also apparent from the image. No other details have been revealed by the company.

Rimac Concept One
Rimac Concept One

Rimac Automobili is a fairly new automobile manufacturer from Croatia. The company shocked the world with its 1058bhp all-electric Concept One hypercar concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011. The Concept One uses four electric motors, each one powering individual wheels. However, in the production form, the combined power output stood at 1207bhp and 1600Nm, which puts it well in the hypercar territory, also making it the only all-electric production hypercar. It can do a 0-100kmph run in just 2.5 seconds and the top speed is an eye-watering 355kmph. Going with the claims of the company, the new model is expected to be even more powerful.

Tesla, also recently unveiled the new Roadster about which Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla said “This will be the fastest production car ever! Period.” Now which one of the two will be crowned the tag of the fastest (and quickest) all-electric car? Let’s wait and watch.

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