Rolls Royce Dawn launched

A week before the Frankfurt motor show, uber- luxury automaker Rolls Royce has launched its super-luxurious convertible. What is interesting  is that they chose to deviate from the current norm of naming their cars after the supernatural ie Phantom, Wraith, Ghost and chose instead to name it Dawn. Like all Rolls Royce, the Dawn will be handmade in the hallowed grounds of Goodwood, England. The Dawn is the second convertible from the Rolls Royce stables after the Wraith.
While the Dawn looks like a chopped-down version of the Wraith, over eighty percent of the cars exterior panels has been re-designed. The cloth top roof conversion takes 22 seconds and you can operate the roof while moving at speeds up to 50kph. Rolls-Royce claims that, by the use of a French seam which has all stitches on the inside of the fabric roof, the blast with the roof up, is well contained. With a 2+2 seating configuration, the car gets suicide doors similar to the Phantom and the Ghost. Rolls Royce has also corrected a typical problem that plagues most convertibles. Rear seat space. By reducing the trunk space, they have managed to liberate the 36.9 inches rear leg room which incidentally is similar to the Wraith.
Powering the car is the 6.6L V12 that churns out 563bhp and frankly ridiculous 780Nm of torque all of which is generated at a lowly 1500rpm. It is enough to propel the 2.6 ton behemoth to 100kmph in a scant 4.9 seconds all the way to an electronically limited top speed of 250kmph.
Most interesting is the ‘satellite aided transmission’ which, with the help of GPS identifies terrain like mountain passes and straight highways and identifies the most suited combination of its eight-speed ZF gearbox for the most engaging driving experience.
Engine: 6592cc, turbo-petrol V12
Power: 563bhp at 5250rpm
Torque: 780Nm at 1500rpm
Kerb weight: 2560kg
Top speed: 250kph (limited)
0-100kph: 4.9secs (claimed)

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