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Tata integrates Harman infotainment system in Zica

By Team Evo India

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Once upon a time, it was only luxury car brands that came with branded infotainment systems as a standard or optional feature on their cars. Until a few years ago, if you wanted a premium set of speakers in your car, you’d have to buy your car with whatever the OEM was providing and then scour the aftermarket for a system that was up to the mark. But now, premium brands are tying up with OEMs that sell cars that at the more affordable end of the market, so you can indulge in the luxury of a high quality infotainment system without selling your kidneys.
Take Harman for example. They have tied up with manufacturers like Tata and Fiat and provide their infotainment system integrated in the car right when you purchase it. Harman first partnered with Tata when they launched the Bolt and the Zest. Both came integrated with Harman infotainment systems that provided entertainment, navigation, and connectivity. And this deal with Tata is going to extend to multiple cars from now on. The recently launched Zica also sports a Harman sourced system. Expect it to be present on all Tata’s new launches.
Tata has been trying to position themselves as a premium brand off late and tying up with brands like Harman does change the buyer’s perception towards them. Customers nowadays expect intuitive systems with top notch sound quality and Tata have recognised this need and are catering to it.