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Volkswagen I.D. revealed in Paris Motor Show

By Abhishek Wairagade

Published on :

Volkswagen revealed their all-electric vehicle, the I.D. which is based on an all-new ‘Modularer ElektrifizierungsBaukasten’ (MEB) platform, which translates to Modular Electric Drive Kit. The I.D. will be Volkswagen’s first grounds-up electric vehicle, expected to hit the showrooms in 2020.

Seen from the front angle, the concept does not have a traditional grille or a bumper as the electric motor does not require any cooling systems. Volkswagen has put great emphasis on the LED based headlights as they are expected to play a big part in communicating with the driver, along with several elements on the inside of the car. The I.D. is going to kick-start Volkswagen’s futuristic electric design language, which will be followed by the forthcoming models. The front-end seems to be inspired by the mini-hatch, UP though. However, being in the concept stage, we should not expect all the radical elements to be carried forward into the production version.

Powered by a 167bhp electric motor, the I.D. will have a range between 400-600km, on a full charge. Details of the battery’s capacity have not been revealed yet, but a new platform means Volkswagen will be able to put batteries with different capacities over time. Expected to do the 0-100kmph sprint in less than 8 seconds, the I.D. is capable of hitting a top speed of 160kmph.

The wheelbase of the hatch is as much as a Passat, to maximise space on the inside. Along with the space, the I.D. is high on innovative features. By 2025, the I.D. is expected to be autonomously driven, giving it the ‘autopilot’ mode. The steering wheel panel will be tucked in the dashboard, for a cleaner and neater look, while the I.D. is in ‘Pilot I.D’ mode. There’s also an option of fast charging the batteries to 80 per cent in 30 minutes. There are electric ORVMs too, that would incorporate the visual from three different cameras, placed outside the car. Heads-up display system would also be a part of the package. The boot space is up to 960litres, depending on the number of seats being utilised in the car. There is also a keyless entry system based on the new-age mobile platforms. The car would not require a keyfob to unlock, the user would need to install an app in the phone that would let the car be unlocked with the help of a cell phone. The car would also be able to collect your parcel, if you are unavailable at the address! Volkswagen is working with several logistic service providers to implement the concept. You can also monitor your home with the use of the Home-Net app, right inside your car.

The Group is also going to unveil the e-Golf in November, which is run by an electric motor but is based on the same platform as the gasoline powered Golf. Volkswagen is intending to sell the I.D. in huge volumes, on a par with Golf, Passat and Polo, globally and will be pricing it on the same level as the Golf. We expect the car to be launched in India, once the infrastructure is setup in the country.