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CEAT SportDrive tyres are made to improve your driving experience as well as safety
Team Evo India
4 min read
We try out CEAT’s new SportDrive tyres on our long-term test Audi A4 to find out how good they drive
The tyre on the left is worn out while the tyre on the right is good to use
Team Evo India
3 min read
Tyres are the unsung heroes when it comes to delivering the Thrill of Driving but are neglected far too often – and CEAT has come up with a way to remedy the situation
Which one will you pick for your RE Classic 350? The Michelin Sirac+City, the Ceat Gripp XL, or the Ralco Speed Blaster
Team Evo India
6 min read
We tested three block pattern tyres for the RE Classic 350 - the Ceat Gripp XL, the Michelin Sirac+City and the Ralco Speed Blaster. Which one wins?
We have been testing the CEAT SecuraDrive tyres on Kia Sonet for three months
Team Evo India
2 min read
We tried out the CEAT SecuraDrive tyres on our long term test Kia Sonet, and here is what we think about it
A brilliant choice!
We slapped on a set of CEAT SecuraDrives to our long-term test Kia Sonet to find out if aftermarket tyres can improve the experience
WIN a set of CEAT SecuraDrive tyres for your car!
Team Evo India
2 min read
Here are the detailed terms and conditions of the CEAT SecuraDrive giveaway
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