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Safety drive with Hyundai | Educating enthusiasts about safety on road trips in the new normal
We set off on a road trip to the outskirts of Pune with a bunch of enthusiasts to share our learnings about road tripping in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic
Hyundai Creta Safety Drive 
Afzal Rawuther
4 min read
Along with a bunch of enthusiastic Creta owners, we re-learn the basics of safe driving and set off on a monsoon roadtrip
Hyundai Verna | Reiterating our focus on safety
As lockdown rules ease, we must remain more careful than ever should we head out on a roadtrip. We join a fellow enthusiast in a Hyundai Verna for her first roadtrip in the last few months, taking eve ...
Hyundai #BeTheBetterGuy road safety campaign begins
The #BeTheBetterGuy campaign aims at inculcating better driving sense and how to approach driving in the new normal
India’s first National Championship on Safe Speed Driving kicked off to mark National Road Safety Month
Sudipto Chaudhury
6 min read
The all-women team drove on-camera with live public tracking from Amritsar to Kanyakumari, as part of a larger effort to propagate the importance of safe driving practices, as part of the National Roa ...
Raymond conducts 2021 Republic Safety Drive
News Desk
2 min read
The 2021 Republic safety drive saw the best cars that India has to offer out on the streets of Mumbai
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