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Hero MotoSport’s Paulo Goncalves  takes his 3rd top ten finish in stage 6 of the 2020 Dakar
News Desk
2 min read
Sebastian Buhler suffers a technical snag while C S Santosh and Paulo Goncalves progress steadily for Hero MotoSports Team Rally in stage six of the Dakar 2020.
Paulo Goncalves
Sudipto Chaudhury
2 min read
Hero MotoSports continued their fine form at the fifth stage, upping both their pace as well as its members’ individual standings
Paulo Goncalves
Sudipto Chaudhury
3 min read
Meanwhile, Sebastien Buhler has broken into the top 20, while C S Santosh and Joaquim Rodrigues continue chipping away at the competition and bettering their overall standings
Sebastian Buhler is now P16 in the overall rankings
Appaiah MM
2 min read
Hero MotoSports Team Rally’s Joaquim Rodrigues finished P13 and Sebastian Buhler finished in P24; CS Santosh to be flown back to Bangalore
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