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Gaurav Gill in his rally-prepped XUV 300 in action during the 2019 INRC
Sudipto Chaudhury
2 min read
Leading the charge at the INRC overall category will be Gaurav Gill and Amittrajit Ghosh, along with their navigators Musa Sherif and Ashwin Naik
Gaurav Gill wins his fifth Popular Rally
Sudipto Chaudhury
2 min read
Meanwhile, Bengaluru's Chetan Shivram seems set to take the overall victory at the INRC 2019
Some of the big names in Rally of Arunachal
Sudipto Chaudhury
2 min read
With the three tyre companies set for combat, here’s what we know thus far
Gaurav Gill and Musa Sherif (centre) bagged the win once again!
Sudipto Chaudhury
3 min read
The JK Tyre rallyist continued his winning streak, claiming the second Rally of Arunachal round of the Indian National Rally Championship 2020
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