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The Audi Skysphere is the first car from the 'sphere' concept family to be unveiled
Aaradhya Singh
3 min read
The Audi Skysphere concept is a futuristic electric vehicle with two ‘personalities’ and an adjustable wheelbase. Perhaps the Transformers are here?
The Audi Grandsphere concept car is a proper four-door futuristic luxury electric sedan
Aaradhya Singh
3 min read
The Audi Grandsphere is the second of the three ‘sphere’ concept cars to be unveiled, and gives a peek into what a future Audi flagship sedan could look like
The Urbansphere focuses on comfort and a future with self-driving as the norm
Aaradhya Singh
3 min read
The Urbansphere is the last of the three Sphere concepts revealed by Audi, or is it?
The Audi Activesphere concept will get autonomous driving capability
Rohit Nalawade
4 min read
The Audi Activesphere concept is peek into what Audi’s EVs would be like in the future
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