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2022 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class
The new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class represents the pinnacle of the Mercedes brand in India and has been launched in two flavours, one of which is locally produced.
Honda Forza 300 maxi-scooter
Manaal Mahatme
2 min read
Four units of the maxi-scooter brought in as kits; nationwide launch expected in 2021
Let's get to a Pay 'n' Spray before we get six-stars!
Aaradhya Singh
4 min read
We take a look back at GTA games and find parody versions of real-life cars and bikes
F1 McLaren racer Lando Norris on his home simulator
Afzal Rawuther
3 min read
Our recommendations for building a simulation racing rig to deal with the lockdown blues
Can racing games make you a faster driver?
We all have that one friend who brags about being a faster driver because he beat you at a game of F1 back in 2010, but are those claims actually justified?
Best games for the #ThrillofDriving
Afzal Rawuther
4 min read
A roundup of the best racing games with team evo India’s endorsement
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