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Mercedes Benz C 220 CDI – Second month

By Team Evo India

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Not much driving over the holiday for me, just a quick run down to the farm where the Mercedes Benz C 220 CDI was parked up as we recuperated from what has been a truly hectic 2015. The year started off with an E-Class in our long term fleet, ended with a C-Class and in between lots of miles was logged in a GLA on the Great Overland Adventure and umpteen tyres destroyed on many an AMG. 2015 was the year of the three-pointed star for us at Evo India, and as I write this, 2015 sales figures have come in where, after a gap of six years, Mercedes-Benz is back on top. And it’s all down to their massively improved cars and SUVs.

The C-Class is a big part of Merc’s recent run of form, with sales having risen by 90 per cent to now become the best-selling car in their range. It looks great for starters and that’s a big part of the appeal – Mercs are now looking younger, more dynamic and more stylish. You can’t call the C-Class an ‘uncle’s’ car which was one of the main criticisms levelled at Mercedes earlier. That said, I fear that Merc is heading in the Audi direction with the new E-Class looking shockingly similar to the S- and C-Class but only time will tell if that strategy pays off. As of now the Mercedes Benz C 220 CDI turns heads everywhere it goes and I think this dark shade of blue suits it perfectly. The interiors too are just lovely, though I will refrain from saying anything about the excellent Burmester sound system as you no longer get it with the C-Class.

Our C-Class came with over 20,000km on the clock and evidently those have been hard road-test kilometres. What is also becoming apparent is the C-Class is considerably firmer than the old C, thanks also to the run-flat tyres, and over our roads that puts an added strain on the body. The upside is of course tighter body control, far more involving dynamics and steering that feels alive. It also has the necessary ground clearance to deal with the approach roads to our farm so that’s an added bonus.

The C-Class has now been booked for a service and some TLC before we hit the road for an action-packed 2016.