VW announces tie-up with MRF and opens driver registration for 2016

Entering the sixth year in a row, Volkswagen’s Vento Cup has dropped JK Tyres as its partner for the grass-roots tin top series. The company has now confirmed that it will run the 2016 series in collaboration with MRF and the MMSC, as part of the MMSC MRF Nation Racing Championship. Although probably obvious by now, VW motorsport India has also announced MRF as its official tyre partner and the series will probably be run on MRF ZLO tyres that were previously seen on the TRD Etios cars’.

The 2016 will be run in more of less the same format as the season before it, with a total of ten races in the season. However in addition to Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore and the Buddh International in the NCR region; the Vento Cup will return to the MMSC after a three year long hiatus.

As for the grid, 20 drivers, a combination of both new drivers and existing drivers will fight it out for overall glory in both the Junior and Proffessional Categories. The selection round starts on 20 January. They will be held across seven cities including; Pune, Chennai, Secunderabad, Bangalore and NCR.

If you are a newbie and you’re interested in participating here are some FAQs:


  • ECR Speedway (Chennai)
  • Chicane Circuit (Secunderabad)
  • Torq03 (Bangalore)
  • Marina Kart Arena (Chennai)
  • Meco Kartopia (Bangalore)
  • Indi Karting Track (Pune)
  • Wonder Speedway (Noida)

Important Dates:

Registrations Open: 20 January 2016

What do I do at these Venues?

Pick up a registration form and fill it out. Don’t forget to carry a copy of your driver’s license and a couple of photographs.  Set your fastest lap and send in the times and your form to Volkswagen Motorsport in Pune. If the time you’ve set is competitive, you will be contacted and asked to make your way down to Pune for the final selection round.

What do I get if I’m selected for the Vento Cup?

Well for one, you get to drive the Vento Cup car for the entire series spanning over 10 races across the country. You also get some real time training from some of the leading motorsports instructors in the country. Not to mention the experience. Although the series is not entirely free to drive, it is nominal in comparison to the actual costs if you had to pay for the entire thing yourself.

Can I get sponsored?

Right up to last year the Vento Cup has allowed sponsors for the cars, however, VW does hold most of the rights to the car and the space on it. This means that they will have a final say on where your sponsor stickers are allowed and where they are not. VW motorsport insist this is also a part of the training program as it will encourage drivers to get out in the real world and make lasting contacts, which they will have to do in any case where they see themselves continuing in motorsports.


www.volkswagen-motorsport.in (Public website)

www.facebook.com/vwindiam (Facebook Page)

www.twitter.com/vwmotorsportind (Twitter Handle)

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