Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo from video games to reality

Bugatti has brought its virtual car; the Vision Gran Turismo into the real world. The car that used to be only a part of video games has taken its form in carbonfibre. The car is set for the 66th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt.

Now that the Veyron chapter is over in the Bugatti books, the Vision Gran Turismo embarks on a new journey for Bugatti in the motoring world. The futuristic super sports car is becoming the present day reality.

The car is a blend of contemporary design with bold DNA roots. The eight-eye headlights add to the aesthetics of the car and also act as air intakes to cool the brakes. The design of the car features, two sorts of fins: one on the wings and rear side panels, which enhance the design and the second one runs along the length of the roof, this contributes to the car’s dynamic stability. The kinematic system for the rear wing, which controls the air brake and the drag reduction system (DRS), is located here.

The interesting aspect of the NACA duct, is that it guides air to the engine at roof level that too without creating turbulence in the inflow of the rear wing. Apart from that it also adds to aesthetics of the car by contrasting light blue finish.

The car features two convex displays for the driver. The one on the steering wheel displays all the relevant vehicle information, the other one located on the steering column shows the outside view captured by the three cameras, that are strategically placed on the outside of the car.

Use of carbonfibre has become too mainstream so the car also uses the blue visible carbon fibre. It has a matt finish on the inside and a glossy finish outside. The matt on the inside reduces unwanted reflections. The interiors also sport suede in areas that require better grip like the steering wheel, the dash panel and the headrest.

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