Gautam Sen’s book wins Grand Prix for the Most Beautiful Book of the Year

Team Evo India

Words by Vishnu G Haarinath

Gautam Sen’s book titled ‘Marcello Gandini: Maestro of Design’ was conferred with the Grand Prix for the Most Beautiful Book of the Year award at the 32nd Festival Automobile International held in Paris.  The award winning two-volume set, with over 400 pages each explores more than a 100 eminent automobile designs of the distinguished Italian automobile designer Marcello Gandini.

The book features 900 images, some of which may never have been seen before, of Gandini’s iconic designs that eventually adorned Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Alfa Romeos, BMWs, Citroëns, Fiats, Lancias and several other classic automobiles.

The winner is selected through a rather ardous process, which involves a jury as well as the opinion of the public. This narrows down all the entries down to four finalists from which a winner is finally picked.

You can get yourself a copy of the Gautam Sen’s Marcello Gandini: Maestro of Design here.

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