What to look for when buying your next scooter in 2021?

There are plenty of options if you're looking to buy a new scooter, but before you go ahead, make sure you check all the essential aspects before making a purchase

Youngsters and middle-aged persons are increasingly choosing to buy scooters for comfort and ease of riding. Scooters turn out to be the best option for short distance intra-city commuting. However, with numerous options and specifications in the latest models, it becomes a task to choose the best-suited scooter for you. According to Financial Express, the sales numbers of new scooters have dropped but still selling like a hot cake in FY2019-20, like Honda Activa was sold to 25,91,059 homes in FY2019-20 compared to 30,08,334 units sold in FY2018-19, TVS Jupiter sold 5,95,545 units in FY2019-20 compared to 7,88,417 units sold in FY2018-19, Suzuki Access 125 sold 5,70,898 units in FY2019-20 compared to 5,39,123 units sold during FY2018-19.

To help you make the right choice, we have detailed the essential aspects that a scooter buyer should consider before buying a scooter in 2021.

Tips for buying a new scooter in 2021
Tips for buying a new scooter in 2021

Tips to choose new scooter in 2021

You can find an array of scooters with different colours, styles, and engine capacities. If you are looking to buy a new scooter, it is highly recommended to go through the below- mentioned tips to buy a new scooter:

1 – Type of Scooter

You will need to determine the main purpose for buying one so that you can decide which type of scooter is best suited for you. Light-weight, low-powered 110cc scooters are highly advised for beginners. The more powerful and heavier scooter models are recommended for those who can handle a little extra weight in exchange for optimal comfort while riding.

2 – Engine capacity

Engine capacity is another important factor to decide on when going for attractive scooter offers by dealers. A low-capacity engine will deliver greater mileage but may lack significant acceleration. On the other hand, larger engine capacity helps to produce optimal performance but takes a toll on the mileage. Hence, if you need to travel short distances then a bigger engine capacity works fine. However, if you need to travel longer distances every day and fuel efficiency is a concern for you, then you should consider buying a scooter with smaller capacity engine.

Let’s take a quick look at the type of new scooter models available in India in 2021:

1) 50cc – There are rarely any scooter models with a 50cc capacity engine in the market today. Although these scooters can reach a top speed of only around 40 to 50 km/hr., these offer the greatest mileage of all.

2) 110cc – These are light-weight and smaller-sized scooters which can attain a top speed of around 80 to 90 km/hr. These are ideal for daily short-distance commuting, preferably within the city. These scooters offer a significantly good mileage.

3) 150cc – This is the largest engine capacity for scooters normally. These scooters can achieve a top speed of over 90 km/hr. and are ideal for both short-distance and long-distance traveling. Despite this, the scooter provides a good enough mileage.

3 – Price tag

Although the price of new scooter models has increased due to integration of advanced and expensive technology, they are still more affordable than motorcycles. Even though a used scooter may come at a drastically reduced price, the price of a new scooter is still more feasible. Usually, two-wheeler manufacturers offer new scooters starting at around INR 40,000 – INR 50,000. The availability of two-wheeler loans also makes the price tag even more affordable through easy EMIs and repayment plans.

Additionally, you need to confirm the on-road price of a new scooter, as opposed to the ex-showroom price which is often quoted at the dealership. Ex-showroom price of a vehicle includes the cost of transportation, dealer margin, applicable excise taxes, etc. On-road price is derived after adding the cost of registration charges, accessories expense, insurance cover charges, additional warranty cover, delivery charges, etc. Thus, you should always ask the On-Road price of a new scooter at any dealership.

4 – Where to buy

Thanks to growing demand, there are several ways you can choose to buy a new scooter. You can find great offers online and offline as well. Some of the top sources to buy new scooter for sale are:

1) Classified ads – There are numerous online marketplaces that provide a large range of new scooter models.

2) Dealers – You can do a quick Google search, find the nearest scooter franchise and visit the showroom to get a trial run and decide whether you want to buy it or not.

3) Showroom – Showrooms for two-wheeler vehicles are present in every small and large city in India. It is highly advised to visit a company authorized outlet when you want to buy a new scooter.

4) Online: Enjoy the perks of online shopping. Today, you can find an array of reputed online e-commerce companies bringing to you top-notch used scooters at best prices. The vehicles listed are checked for their performance and quality and only after that are listed on the website for the consumers to buy.

If you are looking to buy a new scooter, then it is highly advised to go through the above-mentioned points to make an informed decision. So, go ahead and sort your search to find the perfect scooter within your requirements.

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