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Rimac Nevera can sprint to 100kmph in 1.97 seconds
Amreetam Basu
4 min read
Here is a list of the fastest EVs available on the planet with up to 413kmph top speed
Vredestein Tyres will sell premium tyres for motorcycles and cars
Vredestein Tyres is one of the oldest tyre manufacturers in the world and will be selling premium motorcycle and car tyres in India
A two-tonne long-wheelbase luxury car on a racetrack? Should be an interesting experience on the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tyres
We tried out the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti around a few hot laps at Buddh International Circuit to tell you all about their performance!
Limited-run Nissan GT-R50 to enter production in 2020      
News Desk
2 min read
Deliveries for the first customer GT-R50s set to start next year in the UK, with prices starting beyond the 1 million Euro price tag       
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