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The Tesla Model S Plaid reached a maximum speed of 279kmph during the lap run
Aaradhya Singh
2 min read
The Tesla Model S Plaid beats the previous record for production EVs by 7 seconds!
The four gigafactories will manufacture and integrate all critical components of the renewable energy
Team Evo India
2 min read
The Indian conglomerate will invest ₹60,000 crore in setting up a new renewable energy business to lend hand in India’s quest to shift to clean energy resources
Future Volvo cars to come equipped with Luminar’s lidar technology
Volvo’s claim of having no fatalities in any new Volvo cars by the year 2020 is approaching its deadline very soon and this partnership might just help them stay true to it.
Tesla is now at par with global car giants like Ford and GMC in terms of valuation
Suvrat Kothari
2 min read
Tesla has emerged as one of the largest automakers in the world, but what is stopping Elon Musk from launching his quirky and futuristic EVs in India?
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