We enjoyed some exotic Gujarati delicacies as we entered Ahmedabad on the fourth day of #28States28Plates
We enjoyed some exotic Gujarati delicacies as we entered Ahmedabad on the fourth day of #28States28PlatesTeam Evo India

A smooth drive to Ahmedabad followed by some heavy food: #28States28Plates Day 4 Blog

Everyone was excited to reach Ahmedabad, you ask why? The answer is the Gujarati Thali!

6:30am was the time scheduled for departure for Ahmedabad, having spent the night in Indore. Usually, this involves dragging ourselves out of bed and (generally) being a bit tardy when we can get away with it. But not today. Because the legendary Gujarati Thali awaited us in Ahmedabad, and we wanted to get there in time for lunch.

The Indore-Ahmedabad highway (NH47) is a very good road. We encountered a few stretches of pothole ridden tarmac, which the Renault Kiger had no problem tackling, courtesy it's high ground clearance. But the rest of it was butter smooth and made for smooth sailing.

For breakfast we stopped at a roadside Dhaba, because that is where you always get authentic food which is tasty. We ordered Kadhi Kachori and some fresh Fafda and Gathiya, both of which were super light and had enough carbs to keep us filled till lunch.

As we entered Gujarat and got checked by the border police, we came across some beautiful green plains combined with fog, due to the drizzle, which looked absolutely fabulous.

We determinedly made our way through though, to pay a visit to the famous Gordhan Thal restaurant, a place that comes highly recommended by our followers!

The Thali exceeded expectations. There were 18 types of dishes to savour from sweet items like Shrikhand and Mohanthal to typical Gujarati street food like Chaat. The hot phulkas were a treat to be enjoyed with any of the Sabjis and to wash it down was a cold glass of Chaas. Lunch was followed by a quick visit to Exotic Detailing Studio which gave the Kigers some much needed TLC. We later checked in to the Lemon Tree Ahmedabad, our abode for the night where we went straight to the rooms because of how full we were. No dinner, because that thali left room for none.

Tomorrow we will sample some more authentic Gujarati breakfast before heading off to Rajasthan!

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