The hunt for butter chicken led us to the streets of Delhi on the #28States28Plates drive
The hunt for butter chicken led us to the streets of Delhi on the #28States28Plates driveevo India

The Kigers head to the capital in search of butter chicken: #28States28Plates Day 7 Blog

A day of smooth driving and some lip smacking butter chicken

Day 7 was going to be all about our taste buds going crazy. This is the day we all were waiting for.

Butter chicken is legendary. And every single person on the drive was looking forward to what we were to do today: look for (and eat!) Delhi's best butter chicken. Jaipur to Delhi is a 270km drive, mostly filled with long, lazy highways and neverending truck traffic. It was smooth sailing for the most part, though we did encounter the remnants of the Farmer's protest on the Delhi border and had to take a detour which cost us a good 30 mins.

Have More restaurant, situated in Pandara market, was recommended to us by a few locals. Situated in the affluent part of town, this is where all the decision makers of our country live — the president, prime minister and other officials. I wonder how many of them frequent this place… Outside the restaurant was a large board claiming that Have More served the "most loved" Butter Chicken in Delhi. Funny thing is, the restaurant next door had an equally large board claiming pretty much the same thing.

In all fairness though, the food was all worth the hype. We had some Tandoori Chicken, Roomali Rotis and the dish we'd been waiting for — butter chicken. The Tandoori chicken was tender, falling from the bone. The taste guaranteed one thing, it had been marinated for a long time, because the masalas and spices had soaked in deep. The butter chicken – sweet, tangy and just the right amount of creamy. Did you know that butter chicken was actually created by accident? Legend has it that a chef in Delhi once found some leftover tandoori chicken so he whipped it up with a tomato and cream heavy, and lo behold! Butter chicken!

We'd liked to have hung around the market and explored a little more, but we had an appointment at the Renault Gurugram service centre to give the cars a good clean. After all, we would be swinging by the Renault India head office the next day to meet the Renault top bosses!

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