A fast day at the track and an evening of delicious street food: #28States28Plates Day 2 and Day 3 Blog

Day 2 and 3 of the #28States28Plates drive saw us visiting a fast oval and eating some lovely Indori street food.
Day 2 and 3 of the #28States28Plates was filled with food, tracks, Suzuki Hayabusa and more
Day 2 and 3 of the #28States28Plates was filled with food, tracks, Suzuki Hayabusa and moreTeam evo India

Indore welcomed us with a gloomy downpour on the first day. And while we didn't have food on the agenda early in the morning, we had something of interest to the enthusiast. We were heading off to NATRAX in Pithampur, India's newest and Asia's largest proving ground. Driving early in the morning with a lot less traffic on streets made us realise why Indore was awarded the cleanest city in the country. The streets are very tidy here with dustbins placed at regular intervals for litter.

Just as we entered NATRAX, waiting for us at the gate was a very fast German sedan, the Suzuki Hayabusa and a Ferrari 488 GTB!

Shooting at the NATRAX was pure bliss, for both the drivers as well as the camera crew. From 14 tracks with various surfaces and geographical things like banking, gradients and camber to try we were all in! The 11.3km long high speed track was particularly fun to be on. After wrapping up our shoot for the day at NATRAX we headed right into the heart of Indore to find what we came here for. Some lovely food! A lot of suggestions came in to visit the Chappan food market and that is where we went. After gorging on some lovely Indori specials like the most delivered food in the world on Uber Eats — the Johny hot dog, Khopra Peris, Indori Lassi and some fresh Paan we returned back to base.

The third day began with some authentic Indore breakfast at the Lemon Tree — Poha & Jalebi. We ate till our tummies could take no more because it was going to be a long day at the NATRAX again. Both the ed and assistant ed couldn't stop smiling because of what they were up to, riding a Japanese litre class legend on the High Speed track. Watching the Peregrine Falcon inspired 187bhp Suzuki Hayabusa in motion is always a pleasure, but this was a different experience altogether. The review will be out soon — so stay tuned.

We leave for Ahmedabad tomorrow and everyone can't wait to feast on a Gujarati thali at lunch. Let us know what you want us to try in the Manchester of India.

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