Bidding Adieu to Ahmedabad, and entering royal Rajasthan: #28States28Plates Day 5 Blog
On day five of #28States28Plates drive, we entered into Rajasthan greeted by beautiful smooth roads and the spicy Rajasthani Thalievo India

Bidding Adieu to Ahmedabad, and entering royal Rajasthan: #28States28Plates Day 5 Blog

We were eager to get into Rajasthan is an understatement, because waiting for us was some delicious Laal Maas

The #28States28Plates drive saw yet another early morning start to the day. 6am to be exact. Before leaving Ahmedabad though, we just couldn't stop ourselves from getting our hands on some more Gujarati grub. The highly recommended Gajanand Pauva House was on our cards for some Gujarati Poha and we have to say it didn't disappoint. The tasty Poha coupled with a piping hot Rajwadi Chai was a good way to say goodbye to Ahmedabad. Crossing the Sabarmati river, we quickly joined NH 48 to get into state number four on the #28States28Plates drive. The 250-kilometre odd drive to our destination Udaipur was effortless.

Not that the Gujarat highways were horrible, the roads completely changed as we entered Rajasthan. That combined with some epic views of the Aravali mountains made for a great drive. The city of Udaipur has plenty of history, known as the city of lakes, and we put up at the Aurika by Lemon Tree.

After shooting the Kiger in the beautiful Ekaara courtyard of the Aukria, the traditional Rajasthani non-vegetarian Thali was waiting for us. It has over 10 items but the Laal Maas in particular is something to die for. Laal Maas, which literally translates to red meat, is a mutton curry prepared in a sauce of yoghurt and hot spices such as red Mathania chillies. This is meant for authentic mutton lovers. One can truly relish it with hands, instead of knives or forks. To hold the melt-in-your-mouth Laal Maas was Makke and Baajre ki roti. The thali also had chicken, greens, the famous daal-baati and a bowl of rice as well. No meal is complete without dessert and this one was no different with the traditional Ghewar, Churma and Angoor Malai Rabdi to put an end to this royal feast. Tomorrow we leave for the capital of the country, Delhi, via Jaipur. If you see us, click a picture and post it tagging us to win some cool #28States28Plates merchandise.

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