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Day 24 – The Renault Kwid catches some rest
29 states 29 days

Day 24 – The Renault Kwid catches some rest

By Afzal Rawuther

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Day 24 – The Renault Kwid catches some rest

Traveling across 26 states, we are back home in Pune. After doing more than 11,000km each on the Renault Kwids, we can safely say that this tiny hatchback has surprised us with what it can do. Even after driving through thousands of kilometres accompanied by torrential rain and incredibly difficult terrain, there is not a single squeak in either of the Renault Kwids. The cars feel as good as they did on day one.

The Renault Kwid’s ability to munch miles is thus proven without a shred of doubt. The rest day that we have here has provided some much needed respite for all of us. The convoy decided to take it easy for the day and had a late start to the day. However, that didn’t mean lounging around the whole day. We went to an iconic Pune landmark to start with followed by a drive to the Center of the city to feed some hungry souls.

The Robin Hood Army arrived in full strength and true to form brought along an array of tasty and nutritious foodstuffs for those in need. Hundreds were fed and we lent a helping hand to the green clad Robin Hoods. The last three days beckon us as we drive to get ourselves an FMSCI national record. Tomorrow we head to Baroda going through the financial capital of the country – Mumbai. With just three days to go to the finish line in Delhi, it almost seems like a breeze with the incredibly capable Renault Kwids.