The new EMotorad T-Rex+
The new EMotorad T-Rex+EMotorad

EMotorad electric bicycles launched, starting at ₹29,999

Electric mobility is not only a fad, but the need of the hour, and EMotorad, an Indian electric cycle manufacturer has launched a range of electric cycles that cater to different body styles. The first model, the Lil E is an electric kick-scooter while the T-Rex+ is a mountain bike with an electric motor. EMotorad claims that the cycles are entirely made in India.

The T-Rex+ has a claimed range of 35kms
The T-Rex+ has a claimed range of 35kmsEMotorad

The EMotorad T-Rex+ is an upgrade of the T-Rex, which has a claimed range of 35kms and a top speed of 25kmph, achieved from its 250W electric motor. True to its mountain bike design, the cycle has an aluminium frame while the front suspension of the T-Rex+ has been given 100mm of travel. The EMotorad T-Rex+ has a starting price of ₹49,999.

The Lil E electric kick-scooter has a claimed range of 15kms
The Lil E electric kick-scooter has a claimed range of 15kmsEMotorad

Meanwhile, the Lil E is a kick-scooter, a category getting ever more popular as a means of last mile transportation for daily use between public transportation. The scooter has a foldable design with a claimed range of 15kms. Its hub motor is present in the front wheel. Prices for the Lil E starts at ₹29,999.

The CEO of EMotorad, Kunal Gupta said, “We started with a vision of making a name for India in the global EV space. And that's what we're working towards. We have been able to create a very strong base in the Indian market while expanding to other markets, and constantly improving products with feedback from our consumers and conducting market research. We thus made several improvements to T-Rex and created T-Rex+. We also realised the need for a recreational commute product. And that is what we have done with Lil E. When it comes to electric commuting solutions, EMotorad has taken a holistic view.”

The Lil E is very portable and lightweight
The Lil E is very portable and lightweightEMotorad

The electric mobility category is rightfully gaining its place as a legitimate mode of transportation, especially in urban settings. One of EMotorad’s USPs in this regard is their claim of having completely made-in-India products, which is a key differentiator in a market filled with Chinese e-cycles. We can only hope the quality is up to the par considering the pricing of the two bicycles.

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