Royal Enfield Classic 350 | Long term wrap up report

The Classic 350 bids adieu to the evo India fleet
The Royal Enfield Classic 350 has left us rather too soon!
The Royal Enfield Classic 350 has left us rather too soon!Team evo India

Gone too soon, is what I have to say about the Royal Enfield Classic 350. From the fleet, mind you, it is still very much on sale. To be fair, it has been here a whole five months since it was inducted but if you read my update on the Kushaq , you’d know I spent most of that time in Goa. Which means the Classic was assigned to someone else in office and I barely had a go at it. I think the Classic 350 perfectly embodies everything that is great about Royal Enfield today. It has gone and re-made an icon, but has done so in a manner that is uncompromising when it comes to meeting the demands of a modern day customer. Chassis, engine, dynamic, brakes ― they are all on point and work together to deliver a riding experience that is rather enjoyable.

I rode the Classic mostly around the city, and to be fair, that is its primary hunting ground. Want to tour? The Meteor might suit you better. However around town, the Classic is an incredibly stress-free affair. It is comfortable, relaxed and almost slows time down. I may be in a tearing hurry before I get on the Classic but its laid-back attitude just calms me right down and reminds me to take my time with things. The contrast between this and my own KTM 390 Duke can’t be more stark, and while I love the urgency of the latter, the former’s more relaxed take on motorcycling has grown on me. The Classic 350 was also a contender for the Indian Motorcycle of the Year 2022 award, and a strong one at that. However, when the final votes were counted, it was the TVS Raider that won with the Classic coming a strong runners up. It may not have won but placing second is no mean feat and it just shows that Royal Enfield is still up there, making some of the best motorcycles in the country today. What do I wish I had done with this Classic? Honestly, a ride down to Goa would have been brilliant. Not on the highway but along the coastal road, soaking up all the sights. And maybe one to Mumbai to ride it around the historic buildings of South Mumbai. It just seems... appropriate. Ah, Classic 350, you will be missed.

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