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Royal Enfield Scram 411 |First long term report | evo India

The Classic 350 leaves the evo India garage and makes space for the Royal Enfield Scram 411

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 when launched, immediately piqued our interest. A Himalayan that’s better suited for the road while retaining most of the ADV’s off-road abilities? What’s not to like? Exactly what led to everyone in the office fighting over the keys to the Scram 411, as soon as it arrived at the evo India HQ. Sadly I was travelling when this happened so I lost out. Shutterbug Abhishek Benny was the first to claim dominion over the Scram and went hunting for trails that very day.

In fact, Benny was responsible for the Gurkha vs Scram 411 reel and just couldn’t get enough of the bike. That was until I got back and pried the keys away from him, countering his protests with the pretext of having to write this long term report. But I had other plans. The Scram 411 in my opinion is the Himalayan in its best avatar. The 19-inch front wheel makes the bike significantly easier to steer in traffic and while still being at home in the twisties too. On the flip side, it eggs you on to take roads that are not the best paved and even to take some trails on the way. It’s just that easy to ride. As I said in the first ride review, you will only miss the 21-inch front wheel if you are really pushing it hard off-road over things such as boulders or logs, something you’d rarely do, if at all. This has quickly become one of my favourite bikes to commute on because you don’t need to slow down for anything. See a pothole or a speed breaker, just stand on the footpegs and let the bike do its thing.

Considering our busy schedules, I couldn’t take the bike for its first service and videographer, Sachin Khot quickly stepped in to ‘help out’. Obviously, I should have known better. Now, he doesn’t want to give up the bike and even has plans to buy one. Such is the appeal of the Scram 411.

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