Bajaj Auto has added new colour options and graphics with this update.
Bajaj Auto has added new colour options and graphics with this update.Shot by Avdhoot A Kolhe for evo India

2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 first ride review | The most value for money 250cc motorcycle?

The 2024 Bajaj Pulsar gets more features, new suspension and smartphone connectivity, finally!

The flagship Pulsar has received more kit! Bajaj Auto has given the 2024 Pulsar N250 a nip-and-tuck with flashier graphics and three new colour schemes. It also gets a few updates in the hardware department including new suspension, configurable ABS, switchable traction control, an updated cluster and wider tyres. And all this at a price of Rs 1.51 lakh, ex-showroom. That's only ₹1000 more than before! So does the new kit make the N250 the best VFM product in its class? Let's find out.

2024 Bajaj N250 styling and new features

The N250 first made its debut at the end of 2021 and it received a big thumbs up in the styling department from a lot of people,  and two and a half years down the line it's still an attractive motorcycle. In fact it looks a lot better now because of the golden USD front fork. All the familiar stuff which gave the N250 a unique identity in the Pulsar line up has been retained, remember this is just an update and not a generational change. There's a projector LED headlight upfront flanked by horizontal DRLs. In profile, the bike gets fairly tame tank extensions and a sharp tail flanked by grab handles. The stubby exhaust pipe looks cool and the bike rides on 17-inch alloys. At the rear, the N250 now gets a fatter, 140-section tyre to aid stability and traction. The front now wears a wider 110-section tyre as well. 

Upfront, the Pulsar N250 now gets 37mm USD forks.
Upfront, the Pulsar N250 now gets 37mm USD forks.Shot by Avdhoot A Kolhe for evo India

What I like about the N250 is the fact that it doesn't look over-the-top from any angle. It's gotten a little flashier than before and certainly grabs more attention out on the road now. New for the 2024 model year are three colours schemes — Glossy Racing Red, Pearl Metallic White and Brooklyn Black. While the former two get golden finishing on their front USDs, the latter Black colour sticks to a more understated theme complete with a black USD front fork.

The N250 also gets a fully-digital cluster now, borrowed from the also recently updated N160. It's a bezel-less all-black LCD console but for the 250, it also benefits from turn-by-turn navigation and an option to accept or reject phone calls. The N250 gets a three-mode ABS, which can be toggled via a button on the left side on the handlebar. Bajaj Auto has also confirmed that the N250’s faired sibling — the Pulsar F250 —  is also going to receive all these updates soon.

The N250 also gets a fully-digital cluster now.
The N250 also gets a fully-digital cluster now.Shot by Avdhoot A Kolhe for evo India

2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 engine, chassis and handling 

Powering the N250 is the same 249cc single-cylinder oil-cooled mill generating 24bhp and 21Nm of peak torque. And there are no changes to this SOHC, dual-valve engine whatsoever. At its debut in 2021, this was the biggest engine ever fitted for a Pulsar and it remains to be. The engine has a good low-end and mid-range which enables peppy acceleration from the get go. It's mated to slick shifting five-speed gearbox that's assisted by a slipper clutch. And the only complaint about this transmission that still remains is the fact that it doesn't have a sixth cog for better touring characteristics. In the city, it's absolutely fine, but once you cross 100kmph, the tacho’s already reading 6500rpm in top gear. Apart from that this is a fairly refined engine with good heat management and is super fun to operate in the city, especially at the traffic light GP. 

A new addition to the N250’s steel-tubular frame is the fact that it's suspended by an Endurance sourced 37mm upside-down fork at the front. The monoshock at the back remains unchanged. The USD front fork doesn't transform the way the N250 handles, but it makes things tighter and gives it a better front end feel. And that's nicely complemented by the wider front tyre, which provides better grip and helps the N250 to tip into corners better. It aids confidence and allows you to push harder.

The N250 gets a wide flat-bar with a good rider triangle and forward set foot pegs which makes it very comfortable to ride in the city. Although the USD front fork has given the N250 better sporting creds, it hasn't taken a toll on its rider quality. The bike does a good job of damping out rough roads and stays planted on high speed undulations. And the ride quality stays just as good even when you're riding one up. 

Braking duties in the N250 are handled by a Grimeca sourced 300mm disc upfront and a 230mm disc at the rear. The setup does a good job of slowing the bike, with good bite and offers nice feedback. New for 2024 is the switchable traction control system and the aforementioned three-mode ABS, which is a pretty neat feature. As expected, in the ‘Rain’ mode, the system is the most intrusive but doesn't feel dangerous by any means. Things get better in the ‘Road’ mode but what I really like is the ‘Off-road’ setting. Unlike off-road, aka supermoto, mode in other systems, it doesn't disengage at the rear but allows for slip which gives you better control and is handy if you're looking to get unstuck out of a sticky situation. The traction control can also be completely turned off in the Off-road mode. 

The N250 gets a 230mm disc at the rear.
The N250 gets a 230mm disc at the rear.Shot by Avdhoot A Kolhe for evo India

2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 verdict

With all these updates, especially at such a small price hike, the N250 is definitely a more attractive proposition and is arguably the most VFM 250cc motorcycle in the country right now. It's comfy in the city, feels quick in the city with good low-end and mid-range performance and is also a boon in the twisties. It only suffers in the touring department because of the absence of a sixth gear. It's a good way to spend Rs 1.51 lakh, ex-showroom, on a motorcycle that looks good, has no-nonsense, usable features and can be used by everyone in the family. At the updated 2024’s launch, Manish Tandon, Divisional Manager, Bajaj Auto Ltd confirmed that the NS400 will be unveiled this year sooner than you'd think. So if you want something a little more performance oriented from the Bajaj family, you might want to wait!

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