Mahindra Mojo – evo fleet

Mahindra Mojo – evo fleet

I have always loved Lamborghinis. They are outrageous and intimidating. Especially the older ones that are notorious for trying to maim you everytime you drive one. And not all of them oozed sex appeal. Some of them even looked downright ugly to me (Google the Jarama). But they always had character.

I think that’s the same with the Mahindra Mojo that I have been riding for the past two months. To start with, I am almost 6 feet tall and when I first saddled up on the bike, several thoughts flooded my mind. The riding position is like a commuter bike, the handlebars are from a street naked and the footpegs definitely belong on a cruiser. And then, once you are on the move, things start to get even more interesting. For starters the Mojo helps me work out more. I exercise regularly, but riding the Mojo, I have the option of skipping my shoulders and calves day. Take it out for a ride in the city and you will know why. Flicking around the traffic will get your deltoids all pumped up and dragging it out of the tight parking spots in malls will do good for your traps. And the riding position has me sitting with my calves flexed. It takes some getting used to riding the Mojo given its front-heavy nature but then your workouts are sorted. Take it out on the highway and you’ll be mighty impressed with the engine. In sixth cog, it can pull from 40kmph all the way to 140kmph, without breaking a sweat. My wife loves it because it is comfortable and ‘fast’. This coming from a woman who has donned the pillion seat on a Ducati Diavel with me. Taking it to the the twisties of Lavasa had the Mojo scrape the peg every time I leaned over; brake hard and the rear slides out. And it is definitely a crowd puller! A lady who rides a KTM Duke 200 asked me if the ‘eye-liner’ LED strip can be put on her bike and a middle-aged guy enquired if the ‘two silencers would fit on a Bullet?’.

That’s the Mojo for you. It looks different but it has grown on me. That’s the mark of a good bike.

Date acquired: January 2016
Duration of test: 8 months
Total mileage: 6,002km
Mileage this month: 735km
Overall kmpl: 30kmpl
Costs this month: Nil

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