Mahindra Mojo – evo fleet new introduction

Mahindra Mojo – evo fleet new introduction

The Mojo is a very interesting motorcycle, not in the least because it comes from a manufacturer who in the large scheme of things, has only recently forayed into two-wheelers. I think it is quite a brave move by Mahindra getting straight in to the highly competitive 300cc segment, a segment that’s crowded with the KTMs, Ninja 300, R3 and the new TNT so, needless to say, the Mojo will have to be different to stand out.

It essentially feels like a large-capacity commuter and is all the better for it. I think it carves a niche for itself because it isn’t as high-strung as the KTMs, isn’t anywhere as cumbersome as an Enfield, is much fresher than a CBR 250R and, most importantly, a whole lot cheaper than the YZF-R3 and Ninja 300. It feels like something that is hassle free to commute on and can be up to the task when called for a day of relaxed riding around the hills or touring the countryside.

I have been using the Mojo for a month now and my commute includes some of Pune’s busiest roads and I find the Mojo surprisingly easy to ride. Also, despite its largish dimensions, it is surprisingly nimble. The controls are light and crawling in rush hour traffic does not bring about any pains. A major draw are the Pirelli Rosso Corsa tyres that endow the Mojo with a surefooted feel. The brakes have good feedback and despite the lack of ABS, work well in the city. I even seem to be warming to its styling!

Date acquired: January 2016
Duration of test: 3 months
Total mileage: 1,815km
Mileage this month: 329km
Overall kmpl: 35kmpl
Costs this month: Nil

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