BMW G310 R
BMW G310 R

BMW expected to launch the G310 R and the G310 GS on July 18

BMW will be holding a press conference on July 18 to mark the Indian release of two new adventure touring bikes: The G310 R, and the G310 GS, a roadster and an off-roader, respectively, both released under the sub-500 cc premium segment. Both models were already made internationally available before this, with the company presumably waiting to see stronger sales before a new release. Ironically, both were being made in India and exported abroad.

The Bikes

The G310 R is a compact, sporty roadster, engineered to walk the line between daily use and off-road ventures.A 313 cc engine powers the bike with 34 bhp and 28Nm of torque. The seat is ergonomically designed and positioned in such a way that riders of varying height types can still be comfortable. It is somewhat unconventional in the sense that the cylinder head and tilt have been rotated 180°, now facing the front wheel. Despite the odd appearance, this actually increases steering control and agility. The swingarm has been lowered and lengthened, so as to increase stability when riding, without tampering with the wheelbase. Other important features include a multi-functional digital display, gold brake calipers, cast aluminium wheels, and a stainless steel exhaust system. Under 160 Kg when fully fueled, it is a perfect bike for those who are inexperienced yet enthusiastic about adventure biking. Expected starting price is at Rs. 2.85 lakh.

Built with many of the same ideas in mind, the G310 GS is a carefully engineered off-roader which shares several of the G310 R’s specifications. Among these are the engine type and capacity, maximum torque, gearbox and clutch, and battery type. However, the G301 GS also uses a 308 V alternator and an endless Z-ring chain, as opposed to the R’s 330 V and O-ring chain. It also includes a longer suspension travel and a larger wheelbase. The height, width, and length of the bike are all slightly greater than its sibling.

Conference Details

The press conference will begin at 12:15 pm on Wednesday, July 18, and will take place at the BMW Group Training Center in Gurgaon. The Head of BMW Motorrad for the Asian Region, as well as the President of the BMW Group India will be introducing these bikes to the press, and the country.

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