Five motorcycle games to keep you busy as you stay indoors
Five motorcycle games to keep you busy as you stay indoorsGaming

Five motorcycle games to keep you busy as you stay indoors

The COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t keep us from the one thing we love – Motorcycles

It’d be a lie if I say that the idea of taking out my motorcycle when I’d have the streets all to myself isn’t exciting. But I am not going to give in to that temptation. No, I am not going to stay away from motorcycles (nor should you), I am going to spend some time in my garage, giving my steed some much-needed TLC, or just enjoy some badass motorcycle games.

Here’s a list of my favourite motorcycle games to keep the adrenaline pumping in this pandemic

Ride 3

This one’s the personal favourite of the evo India office. With over 230 motorcycles to choose from, right from Aprilia RS 125 R to a race-ready Panigale V4, you’ll definitely find your dream bike here. The game has as many as 30 tracks, from GP circuits to City circuits. Yeah, you can test your skills on Nurburgring or go all-out on Mullholland’s infamous “Snake”. The physics are amazing and it is almost like riding a real bike.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge

Whether you are into motorsports or not, you’d definitely know about the world’s most challenging road race -- Isle of Man TT, and what better way to experience the rush than to play the race’s only officially licenced game. Okay, the game isn’t the best when it comes to customising the rider or motorcycle but then again, what would take your attention is the physics. You’ll face speed wobbles, your bike will lose the rear if you go hard into corners, but you have a chance to correct yourself...most of the time (there’s also an achievement for crashing 50 times, so it’s a win-win).


From the GP and street circuits, it’s time to get dirty. This is the official game of the world’s biggest motocross event and in many ways, it is not disappointing. You work your way up from the bottom, earning sponsorships and honing your skills. The graphics aren’t the best, especially when it pours, but what the game offers in spades is the life-like experience. The AI isn’t the sharpest or toughest, but gives enough “competition” for you to jump off the couch if you win the races. There’s also a compound (more like an open-world sim) for you to practice your jumps and landings.

Driveclub Bikes

Arguably one of the most popular car games, suddenly had bikes in it. The game has the same routes, map, same stunning graphics and same online competitions. While Ride 3 and TT Isle of Man aren’t that forgiving, Driveclub lets you off easy. What makes this game so enjoyable isn’t the physics or the mods, but the graphics. With super smooth transitions and precise exhaust notes, the game will have you hooked of hours (unless you want to get serious and do some laps in Ride 3).

Grand Theft Auto 5

Come on, any list without GTA is incomplete. Yeah, there are just a few bike races for you to “compete” in, but there’s a whole city waiting for do insane jumps, explore trails, squeeze in through seemingly impossible gaps and even get a date to ride pillion. Suddenly the quarantine doesn’t sound that bad, doesn’t it? And yeah, if the in-game bikes don’t appeal, there are hundreds of mods available to bring your favourite superbike in the game.

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