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Mahindra Racing team’s Pascal Wehrlein: I hope it’s not raining in Sanya!

Mahindra Racing team’s Pascal Wehrlein: I hope it’s not raining in Sanya!

By Pascal Wehrlein

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Mahindra Racing team’s Pascal Wehrlein: I hope it’s not raining in Sanya!

Hong Kong was a disappointing weekend. We didn’t have the pace the whole day. When you’re starting near the back there’s always going to be added risks and, in the race, I had nowhere to go and couldn’t avoid the accident after the car in front of me crashed into the wall. But we put that behind us now as we have a new race weekend coming up and we will focus on fighting for a good result in the sixth race of the 2018/19 ABB FIA Formula E Championship in Sanya, China.

We know we have the speed in dry conditions so, first and foremost, I hope it’s not raining in Sanya! Qualifying will definitely play a big part on what we can achieve in the race; you have one attempt to put together the perfect lap to make sure you don’t lose out. I’ve said it before; I’m not happy with second or third. I want to be fighting for the win. It won’t be easy because, so far this season, we have seen five different winners from five races and the level of both the teams and the drivers is exceptionally high. That’s what makes racing in Formula E so exciting and also impossible to make a prediction on race weekends.

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Sanya is one of three new races on the season 5 calendar Formula E has also announced that the London E-Prix is back next year and I think there’s plenty of other cities would make great street circuits. I think Barcelona and Istanbul would be a lot of fun. I know Miami has already been on the Formula E calendar in the past, but I would love to race there. I know I have a home E-Prix, but I would love to move the location of the Berlin race to be more in the heart of the city. Obviously, it’s not a city, but a race in Mauritius also sounds like a lot of fun!

I’m looking forward to racing in China; the fans are enthusiastic and of course they love their motorsport, but on a personal note, I love the food. I eat it every week, so I’m looking forward to having more of it! Any extra help is always appreciated on race weekends, so please go online and vote for me in Fanboost! https://fanboost.fiaformulae.com