Maruti Suzuki Swift ICOTY Drive, day 2: Chittorgarh

Maruti Suzuki Swift ICOTY Drive, day 2: Chittorgarh

We encounter some twisties towards the end of our leg of the ICOTY drive, and the Swift's excellent handling characteristics come to the fore

Afzal Rawuther

Maruti Suzuki Swift ICOTY Drive, day 2: Chittorgarh

The Swift ICOTY Drive took us to the 7th-century fort of Chittorgarh today. With an early start from Kota we got on to the perfect dual carriageways of Rajasthan and it was time to stretch the legs of the Maruti Suzuki Swift’s 1.2-litre heart. Triple-digit speeds were easily attained and the phenomenal brakes with great bite and feedback ensured that slow-moving traffic was dealt with easily.

With great roads, the comfortable cabin of the Swift came to the fore and Alameen and Rohit got some shuteye in the back. Wherever we went it was evident that the Swift was a crowd favourite. Passers-by would often inquire if this current generation Swift is as good as the last two. Yes, it is and is just as groundbreaking as the previous two generations. That was our answer.

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As we drove on towards the Chittorgarh fort, we soon found some traffic going up to the touristy part of the fort. The Swift was comfortable tackling the worst of it. A lot is said about the sporty credentials and the features, space, and comfort of the Swift, but we often neglect to mention how easy to drive it is. The light clutch and the smooth gearbox make driving it in the city a breeze.

A few hours of driving later, we were in the Chittorgarh fort and a drive up the twisty roads leading to the top of the hill reminded us of the excellent dynamics of the Swift. At the very top, we were left with spectacular views of the fields below, thoughts of the rich history of the fort and admiration of the incredible car that three generations of evolution have made the Maruti Suzuki Swift into.

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