Prepare yourself for the track with these pointers

Prepare yourself for the track with these pointers

Get to know the four main things that a beginner should keep in mind to lap a track faster and safer

  1. Look where you want to go:

Asia Dream Cup winner Hari Krishnan says “When you’re entering a corner, look for the apex point (mid corner) and when you are in the mid-corner, look for a proper exit point”. It’s a fact and from my personal experience, you tend to end up exactly where your eyes are looking. So look for the right lines and don’t get distracted by the Armco barriers – you don’t want to go crashing in to the barrier.

  1. Braking points:

Trying to be Marc Marquez on your very first track outing is not the smartest idea – you will ruin your lines trying to ape him. Always find yourself a comfortable braking point; this will mainly help in you holding your racing line and keeping a flowing line through the track. Once you get comfortable with the bike and the grip it offers, you can practice braking later and later in to a corner to improve your lap times.

  1. Slow entry fast exit:

It’s a fact—the slower you enter into the corner the faster your exit. If you want to squeeze yourself into the best lap timings just stick to this strategy, a proper entry speed into the corner and a faster exit speed.

  1. Racing lines:

Racing lines are the main pointers that you should have in mind when you’re racing. Racing lines vary from track to track. So always look out for proper racing lines before you hit the tarmac. Practice your lines, get them clear in your head and you’ll be ready to hit the track.

These rules are universal, regardless of the vehicle you’re on. Whether you’re on two wheels or four, remember these four basic rules and you’ll be able to lap the circuit faster and have more fun while doing so.

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